religion notes 10-29

religion notes 10-29 - 10/29 • Arabs and Jews both trace...

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Unformatted text preview: 10/29 • Arabs and Jews both trace lineage to Abraham • Christians trace lineage to Judaism • Very early on, beginning to write and record • History based on kings and their kingdoms • Involved in fertility, creation, agriculture, soil • Seasons, migration of animals, the sun, the moon, the day, the week, the month, etc. • Two texts that give us some elements that then get reflected in the Bible • Enuma Elish – stone tablets, dates to about 2000 BCE (4000 years ago) o About creation o Said to have been recited at their new years (dec. 21) o Some scholars say that it was recited on the 4 th day after the winter equinox (dec. 25) or 7 days after the winter equinox o 7 stone tablets o creation out of chaos o idea of chaos and order (order created by gods) o when waters get together, little waters form o On the 7 th day, gods resting, and humans taking over to serve the gods o “creation out of the watery abyss” – splits body apart, one becomes heaven, and one becomes earth o humans are created to serve the gods o created out of the separation of the day and night and goes on for 6 days and then a day of rest • writing with chisel – right to left • early writings don’t use vowels o variations of interpretations • Epic of the Gilgamesh o Gilgamesh writes autobiography o 2/3 divinity, 1/3 human o comes and is powerful guy, is a king o created a guy to destroy Gilgamesh o lives with animals in the jungle o creates seducer – has sex with him for 6 days and 7 nights o begins to get insight and knowledge, then the idea of responsibility also leads to suffering understanding world in duality o animals rejects him and he leaves and fights Gilgamesh for 10 days straight o Became so close that they became lovers o Enki-du dies o Gilgamesh wants to bring him back, goes out to search for tree of eternal life o One of the gods decides that humans are too noisy – decides to destroy the world o Another god hears of this and tells friend, human king, to build an ark and put 2 of each animal in it. • Jews – Semitic Tribes • Abraham travels and travels to land of kings (Canaan) o Go there and fight and set up their space o Has a wife (Sarah) but no kids o Head male runs the clan and his son is who takes over (patriarchal) o El Shaddai – “God of the Mountain”, “Almighty” o Tells Abraham to have a kid with her maid servant (Hagar) o Has a son – Ishmael o Sarah eventually has a son – Isaac o Sarah tells Abraham to get rid of Hagar and Ishmael o Convinces him to exile them into the wilderness to die o Ishmael dying of thirst at 13-14 years, Hagar puts him under a tree or bush and she prays and spring pops up and able to nourish him o She goes and finds him a wife o Gods at the time demanded human sacrifice o Abraham was totally devoted that he would even kill his own son o Isaac has a son named Jacob but gets renamed Israel and Israel has 12 sons o-ael – a good person or an angel • there is a famine in the area that forces the people to leave...
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religion notes 10-29 - 10/29 • Arabs and Jews both trace...

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