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Capacity durability evidence for meaning based ltm

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Unformatted text preview: depressed vs non- depressed subjects differ in performance on tasks of working memory? Computer metaphor and components of working memory How does working memory research proceed in relation to various cognitive domains (how does modern day working memory research get formulated) What’s the purported relationship between verbal working memory and the processing of easy (subject relative clause) versus difficult (object relative clause) sentences How would one measure verbal working memory capacity Chapter 5 + Days 12- 14 Semantic vs episodic memory vs procedural memory distinction Properties of LTM? Capacity? Durability? Evidence for meaning- based LTM Neuro evidence for separation of WM/STM and LTM Encoding vs retrieval Levels of processing, what is deep vs shallow processing … examples? Self- reference effect, experimental evidence in support of self- reference effect, and self- reference effect in relation to levels of processing Why does deep processing really seem to hel...
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