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Capacity why a switch to working memory whats

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Unformatted text preview: shift semantic category (Wickens) Know all of Atkinson- Shiffrin Model (modal Model of Memory) Sensory memory (iconic, echoic) … how do we know it exists (Sperling studies … whole report vs partial report) Properties of sensory memory (how long does it last? Capacity?) Why a switch to “working memory” … what’s different about “working memory” than “STM” Baddeley’s WM model … know components (figure 4.4 as well) What’s meant by “cognitive workbench” ? What evidence exists for independent components of WM (Phonological Loop vs Visio- Spatial Sketchpad, vs …) Irrelevant speech effect and Phon Loop Articulatory suppression effect and Phon Loop Know what phonological loop does, what it can be used for, role of rehearsal, TMS results on Phono. Loop What does visio- spatial sketchpad do? Evidence for its existence What’s the central executive, what’s it’s role, cogn neuroscience on central exec Episodic buffer (what does it do?) What’s the contribution of long- term memory to working memory? How do...
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