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Unformatted text preview: pter 6 + Day 15 What aspects of levels of processing and encoding specificity can be used to help memory Foresight bias, total- time hypothesis, retrieval- practice effect, testing effect (experimental evidence for testing effect) Memory strategies: practice and spacing (experimental evidence too) Mnemonics (what are they), why does mental imagery help memory? Mnemonics using organization: examples? Why may these help Prospective vs retrospective memory Lapses in prospective memory What is meta- cognition? Meta memory? What factors influence metamemory accuracy? Experimental evidence? What’s the relationship between proficiency/competency and total- score estimation accuracy? What’s the role of overconfidence in relation to accuracy estimation? ADHD and metamemory How do subjects allot study time when material is easy versus hard Tip- of- tongue effect, feeling- of- knowing effect, tip- of- finger effect … also, how do they relate to metamemory Metacomprehension accuracy and how to i...
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