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ReligionSection 1Female circumcision has been a significant issue in African countries where most peoplefeel that the practice violates human rights since they believe it is not a volunteer activity but aforced one. Different bodies have initiated the efforts to end the practice, resulting in the studypresented in SWR ch 1, which comprehensively presents insight into the practice. Femalecircumcision is related to the goddess's myths during the impregnation, where the clitoris istransformed into a scorpion during the practice. Chapter one of the article reaffirms that thepractice is not a violation but a ritual to the goddess, and it is not forced on anyone, but ratherpeople volunteer to undergo the practice. The argument about women's mutilation isstrengthened by introducing myths about the goddess, making it holy to the communitiespracticing it.SectionIn paganism, women have various lifestyles, which make them behave differently based on the
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Unformatted text preview: nature of the life they want. Some women ask God about fertility based on the children they want to sire and while others unite to have sexual life as a way of pleasing the gods and the goddess. Sexual intercourse is seen as a religious activity that must be done on purpose, pleasing to the goddess and gods of the paganism religion. The chapter brings another perspective on the role of women presented by Gardner and Stewart ad Janet Farrar, who focuses on feminists. Wicca has led to the development of freedom among women who have chosen a different direction from which the culture presented. The article affirms that women play a fundamental role in sexual expression, indicated by the birth control pill rate after the freedom was issued to them. Therefore, the claim about women's sexuality during paganism and Neopaganism is strengthened....
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