A wave pulse travels to the right on a two part rope

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Unformatted text preview: answer is 5. The frequency does not change, this is set when the wave is created. The wave speed is different in the second rope and so is the wavelength. Two ropes, one thick (heavy) and one thin (light) are aFached together to form one long string; this composite string is kept under tension T. A wave propagates down this string star5ng on the thick sec5on and traveling into the thin sec5on. The wavelength of the wave in the thick sec5on is ; how does the wavelength change as the wave propagates onto the thin sec5on? (1)increases (2)decreases (3)stays the same Explana/on: The correct answer is 1. Because the second rope is lighter and the tension in both ropes is the same (has to be for them to be in equilibrium), the wave speed in the second rope is larger. This means the wavelength is also larger in the second rope. A wave pulse travels to the right on a two part rope, first on a heavy sec5on and then into a light sec5on. Which of the following best represents the reflected and transmiFed pulses which are created as the wave travels into...
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