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I spoke to my mom for nine minutes today on the phone

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Unformatted text preview: ner plans and a friend needed to borrow my printer. I am also in a group chat with four of my female best friends, so once everyone gets going, it’s never ending. My phone will not stop ringing as I am typing this. Like I have said in my last two commentaries, my media usage is minimal this week. Between excessive studying and a nap here and there, I simply do not have time for it. Thursday, December 6th Media Usage Video 1 hour Audio 7 hours Internet 4 hours Cell phone 19 minutes, 56 texts Total Media Usage 12 hours 19 minutes Commentary and Analysis Dr. Owens, I am burnt out. This “no sleep and a lot of work” is causing me to be physically and mentally exhausted. I sat in Tan...
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