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correspondence important announcements related to the

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Unformatted text preview: bsequent courses. C+ = Satisfactory performance in most of the course, with the remainder being somewhat substandard. Evidence of sufficient learning to succeed in subsequent courses, with effort. C = Evidence of some learning, but generally marginal performance. Marginal chance of success in subsequent courses. C- = Poor. Minimal learning and substandard performance throughout the course. Doubtful chance of success in subsequent courses. D+ = Poor. Minimal learning and low quality performance. Doubtful chance of success in subsequent courses. + Students with Disability •  Students with hidden or visible disabilities who believe they may need classroom or exam accommodations are encouraged to register with the SFU Centre for Students with Disabilities (1250 Maggie Benson Centre) as soon as possible to ensure that they are eligible and that approved accommodations and services are implemented in a timely fashion. + Correspondence •  Important announcements related to the course will be posted on Canvas and will be mentioned in class and/or over e-mail •  Office hours are held weekly but please do make an appointment so we can prepare as best as possible •  You may meet with either Dom or Kate •  All e-mails should be spell-checked and have the message heading “HSCI 120” + Canvas •  Canvas is important- Get to know it •  This is where you will get your participation marks •  Please check regularly as this is where notes, updates and grades will be posted •  Canvas will be the forum for students to pose questions to one another and share supportive material relevant to the course •  Notes will be posted 24 hours before class each week + + + [email protected] about the human sexuality course… n༆  I don’t need to study human sexuality… I’ve had sex n༆  OR, I haven’t had sex, I feel behind in this co...
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