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Examinations and midterms participation discussion

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Unformatted text preview: haviours and describe issues related to maintaining sexual well-being. [Examinations and midterms; participation; discussion paper] 3) Critically discuss and evaluate sexuality issues as they appear in research and the media and develop independent and informed thought regarding personal views of sexuality. [In-class exercises, discussion paper) + Course Content •  Lectures •  Guest speakers •  Panels •  Readings •  Videos •  Interac@ve discussions ALL CONTENT POTENTIALLY EXAMINABLE AND YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO OBTAIN! + Course Descrip@on + Required text Textbook: •  The required textbook is the 5th edi@on of ‘Understanding Human Sexuality’ by Janet Hyde, John DeLamater and Sandra Byers- Canadian Edi@on (2012). •  If you choose to use another edi@on of this textbook, it is your responsibility to ascertain if the content is up to date and similar. Other NON- REQUIRED readings may be posted online to enhance the dialogue around certain topics of interest + Grades n༆  Midterm n༆  October 2nd (during class), 5-6pm n༆  Midterm n༆  2 (20%) November 6th (during class), 5-6pm n༆  Final n༆  1 (20%) exam (30%) Wednesday, December 4th 7-10pm n༆  Participation n༆  Complete 5 out of 11 possible discussions posts on Canvas n༆  Short n༆  (10%) Discussion paper (20%) October 16th at the start of class + Midterm & Exams (70%) n༆  Midterms are 1- hour in length n༆  Will include mul@ple choice, true/false and matching ques@ons (approxima...
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