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Unformatted text preview: Kate and Dom in TWO WEEKS! Short Discussion Paper (20%) Total marks Explanation of full marks Clarity of writing 2 Clear, concise writing; proper grammar and appropriate language Use of FIVE academic references 1 Must use at least five academic references cited properly throughout the text and in work cited list Format 2 Fluid writing that is comprehensive and fully explores the subject Relevance 5 Ability to comprehensively address the question and topic Inclusion of evidence 5 Demonstrative inclusion of evidence through literature and previous research Critical thought 5 Demonstrates a high-level of understanding and critical thought on the topic + Grading Approximately 5% of students will receive an A+, and the average grade for the class will be a B or B- , depending how students' marks on assessments fall out. For more informaCon on SFU marking and grading policies visit: hGp://students.sfu.ca/calendar/student- info/grading.html A = Excellent. Superior performance in all elements of the course. Work exemplifying the highest quality possible. Unquestionably prepared for subsequent courses in field. A- = Superior performance in most aspects of the course. Unquestionably prepared for subsequent courses in field. B+ = Good. High quality performance in all or most elements of the course. Very good chance of success in subsequent courses. B =High quality performance in some of the course; satisfactory in others. Good chance of success in subsequent courses. B- = Satisfactory performance in the course. Evidence of sufficient learning to succeed in su...
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