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Unformatted text preview: tely 60 ques@ons total n༆  Exam is 3- hours in length n༆  Will include mul@ple choice, true/false, matching and short answer ques@ons + Par@cipa@on Marks (10%) n༆  You must complete FIVE online discussion posts by Wednesday December 4th n༆  Mul@ple posts will not count (maximum of 1 post a week with a maximum of five posts over the semester). If you write 6 posts, the first five will be marked. n༆  There will be ELEVEN different ques@ons throughout the 13- week semester (plan your @me accordingly!) n༆  You will only have 7 days to par@cipate in each discussion forum, aier which @me it will close and a new one will open n༆  Discussion topics will be posted every Wednesday and will remain ac@ve un@l the following Wednesday + Par@cipa@on Marks There are no make- up assignments. If you know you are unable to contribute certain weeks, you s@ll need to make sure you have at least five posts throughout the semester. + Short Discussion Paper (20%) n༆  Due: October 16th (at the beginning of class) n༆  ONLY hard (paper) copies will be accepted, electronic copies will not be marked n༆  5% late penalty per day n༆  Format requirements are on the syllabus (you will be docked marks for not adhering to the format requirements) n༆  4 topics are posted online along with an op@on for those who wish to pick their own topic n༆  If you wish to pick your own topic, you must submit your proposed abstract to...
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