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Gregory Holmes Art and hypertext

Gregory Holmes Art and hypertext - 1 The Artist way of...

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1 The Artist way of Expressing Themselves Different Artists express themselves in different ways. Some write. Others paint, or draw, or build. All create texts. This paper will focus on two artists and their work. The first, James Michael Jarrett, wrote an autobiographical hypertext called “A Jarrett in Your Text”. The second artist, Michael Chute, turned part his home into an installation of the University of Southern Maine’s art Gallery’s Off the Grid exhibit into his home in a piece of instillation art. Both artists use unusual metaphors in their work; Jarret uses a jar as his metaphor and Chute uses a dog as his dominant metaphor. I will analyze their metaphors in order to distinguish the intertextual part of the piece to the original part. In this paper I will explain to you what hypertext and installation art is. Then I will describe what an unused or unusual metaphor. After that I will explain intertextuality and how it affects originality. Then I will describe and analysis both artists work. Finally, I will explain what the best way to decipher the original part from the intertextual part of the art. I feel the easiest way is find out what pieces in the art work is intertextual. Then figure out how they changed it to make it original. Then everything in the piece that was changed or completely new is the original part of the art. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica hypertext is: Links between different parts of a document…create a branching or network structure that can accommodate direct unmediated jumps to pieces of related
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2 information. The treelike structure of hyperlinked information contrasts with the linear structure of a print encyclopedia or dictionary. .. The hypertext link is usually denoted by highlighting the relevant word or phrase in text with a different font or color (Britannica) One of the best examples of hypertext is Wikipedia. On their website every page has a
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Gregory Holmes Art and hypertext - 1 The Artist way of...

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