eng paper 1 - 1 English 1101: paper 1 Obesity: The plague...

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English 1101: paper 1 Obesity: The plague of the 21 st Century As the second leading cause of preventable death, obesity affects over one quarter of American adults and about fourteen percent of children and adolescents (AOA). According to HateWeight.com, a website devoted to promoting healthy lifestyles, approximately 280,000 adult deaths in the United States each year are related to obesity. It is well understood that every human being needs and has fat tissue, but obesity is a result of excess fat tissue in the body due to improper nutrition and/or an inactive lifestyle. A person becomes obese when the calories consumed are less than he or she burns in a given period of time. Genetic, environmental, psychological, and metabolic factors also contribute to this epidemic. It is possible to avoid this plague by moderating our food intake, engaging in physical exercise, and visiting a physician regularly. One can take greater control of our health by being aware of the foods they eat and understanding which items provide specific health benefits. The Food Guide Pyramid creates an outline for making better food choices and helps a person choose an eating plan that is suited specifically for them and their nutritional needs. This guideline recommends daily servings of major food groups that should be incorporated into a daily eating plan such as fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, and proteins. Moderation and knowledge of these foods is the key to a lifetime of successful eating habits. For example, one should try to consume lean protein such as chicken rather than fatty meats
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eng paper 1 - 1 English 1101: paper 1 Obesity: The plague...

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