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Unformatted text preview: (x);” in-between the first and second lines above). Monitor the error and try to reduce it as much as possible (reduce it to smaller than 0.01, at least). (Hint: Think about the error formula to see how to reduce it.) You may want to keep record of your trails by keeping the code that generates the nodes as comments in the script. 3. Did you find any tricks to reduce the error? 4. Save the best error value and the nodes as a MAT file by using the command “save XXXXXXXX E x”, where XXXXXXXX is your matriculation number. Upload the file XXXXXXXX.mat to IVLE under the folder Lab2 and paste the value of the error (e.g. 1.12345689012345e-001) into the comment box in the uploading screen. Task 2 1. Open a new M-file and save it as “ncspline.m” (natural cubic spline). In the following steps, type the lines into the M-file and save the file again after Step 14. 2. The...
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