Notes 10-24-07 - Power of learning is a gift from God All...

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Manichaeism: 2 good=God, evil=devil 10 categories: 10 ways to speak about all beings that you find in the world of human experience 1. Substance being 2. Quality beauty, color, etc. 3. Quantity how tall, size, weight, etc. 4. Relationship (or comparisons) friend, family, etc. 5. Place where it is situated 6. Time when it was born, when it lived if it was alive, etc. 7. Position standing on legs, on its side, etc. 8. What it has what kind of clothes he/she is wearing or carrying, etc. 9. Action/Activity what it is doing 10. What is being done to it a piece of wood being cut, etc. If God is a material (physical) thing, it would fit into the 10 categories, but it does not Idea of the good is beyond being God creator is outside the creation Liberal arts: embrace the way towards knowledge as Plato put it 1. Grammar (literary composition, interpreting literature) 2. Rhetoric (art of persuasion) 3. Logic (dialectics) 4. Arithmetic 5. Geometry 6. Astronomy 7. Music God’s revelation is what illuminates the mind
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Unformatted text preview: Power of learning is a gift from God All the talents, abilities, and achievements that you have is due to a gift from God and is not from yourself Academics skeptics (never claim to really know anything; everything is purely hypothetical “God’s image” human body can’t be created in God’s image b/c God does not have a body; therefore, human soul must be created in God’s image Allegorical interpretation of the Bible metaphorically, not literally Belief must precede understanding and knowledge Logic is necessary to destroy what is not true; it is not powerful enough to lead us to the truth; the truth cannot be discovered by pure reason Philosophy only communicates to the few; Bible communicates to the many “The only Christian that ever lived died on the cross.” Philosophers all contradict themselves about the truth “The idea of the good” is just a bad way of saying “God”...
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Notes 10-24-07 - Power of learning is a gift from God All...

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