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Andrea DeMarco Leonardo Da Vinci Leonardo was born on April 15, 1452, in Vinci, Italy, just outside of Florence. His father took custody of him right after his birth and his mother married someone else and moved to a neighboring town because they had no future together since she was of a lower social class. They kept on having kids, but not with each other, and Da Vinci ended up with 17 brothers and sisters. He lived with his grandparents because his dad’s work in Florence kept him busy. Historians said that Leonardo’s unsettled childhood may have affected his personality, making him withdraw into his own imagination (Phillips, 9). Da Vinci moved to Florence after his grandparents died and started living with his father. In his father’s house, Da Vinci had access to scholarly texts owned by family and friends. He was also exposed to Vinci's longstanding painting tradition, and when he was
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Unformatted text preview: about 15 his father introduced him to the renowned workshop of Andrea Del Verrochio. Even as an apprentice, Leonardo demonstrated his talent. One of Da Vinci’s first big breaks was to paint an angel in Verrochio's "Baptism of Christ," and Da Vinci was so much better than his master's that Verrochio allegedly resolved never to paint again. Da Vinci stayed in the Verrocchio workshop until 1477 when he set up a shingle for himself. Since he lived in the period of the Renaissance, artists at that time began to look more closely at the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome. They were inspired by the skill and realism of ancient art and began to change the way they worked. Instead of painting characters from the Bible or from history and make up their features and dresses from their imagination, they painted to show the world how things really were....
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