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English Essay 2

English Essay 2 - Daniel Duque The Advertising Ordeal...

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Daniel Duque The Advertising Ordeal Advertising is a complex multi functional way of misleading consumers into thinking they need or want their product. Every advertisement uses some sort of deception to make it seem like their product is superior to others. Advertisers use a variety of appeals to lure emotions and create connections between products and consumers. The advertisement of choice is beer, in particular two brands: Corona and Heineken. . The advertisement seems to come from a magazine, consisting of a game cube controller, duck tape, and two Heineken beers. The emphasis of the advertisement is in the Heineken bottles attached to the Game Cube controller’s handles with duck tape. There is nothing else included in the advertisement to avoid distraction. The attachment of the Heineken bottles to the Game Cube controller with duck tape creates a connection between virtual gaming with beer, when there is none. Virtual gaming is an event that young kids, teenagers, and young adults participate in. It would seem like eighty percent of the advertisement’s target market are consumers under the age of twenty one. Under federal law, any person under the age of twenty one who drinks alcohol is subject to arrest. In a way this advertisement might seem like its trying to deceive law by exposing Heineken products to younger markets before other brands are exposed to them. In other
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words, Heineken is trying to create brand loyalty by attempting to deceive authority and persuade the young. The background of the advertisement is green, a color with intriguing qualities. This color is extremely appealing to the public. Green has been known to sooth, relax, and alleviate depression, nervousness and anxiety. It also offers a sense of renewal, self control and harmony. Moreover, the color green has superstitious meanings. In Japan, green is regarded as the color of eternal life; in China jade stones represent virtue and beauty. In fact, in several religions, green is the color associated with resurrection and
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English Essay 2 - Daniel Duque The Advertising Ordeal...

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