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STATISTICS EXAM #2 REVIEW TEST DATE: Monday October 15, 2007 TEST COVERS: Chapters 9-13 WHAT TO DO: look over all quizzes, notes, and practice problems!!!! SECTION I: Vocabulary Chapter 9: “The Chicago Cubs have won eleven games by April 20 this season. This would make about a 100 win championship season, since the Cardinals won last year with only 83 wins.” The sportscaster was not very _________ with her predictions, since the eleven wins came with twenty games played. In the full season of 162 games this winning ______ would be give _____ wins. The sample size is too ______ be depended upon to predict Cub’s season total. Even if this total is ________, another team may win more games than this. Exact statistics can be misused to draw ___________ conclusions, because the people in Chicago want to hear from their sportscasters that they will have a champion this year in some sport. The toothpaste advertisement said, “Three out of four dentists surveyed recommended Peppermint Toothpaste.” This ______ statement did not tell that the three dentists with a favorable recommendation were employed by the toothpaste company. A paper reported that SIUE has 500 deer on the campus property. There are about 3 square miles of open SIUE land. This would mean about one deer for every four acres. This deer population is too ______. It is more ________ that the paper meant to say only 50 deer, not 500, because the paper made an easy _______ in publishing the number of deer on SIUE. 56% of the adults between 50 and 60 years old are women and ______ % are men. This is the conclusion for the USA population (±2%) from a SRS of these adults for a sample size of 3028. In the sample ______ were women. The report said there were 132 men in the sample, but this is far too few. The percentage of men indicates that there were ______ in the sample. Can you speculate about the reason for the error? The wholesale price of a sofa is $327. The retail furniture company applies a 130% markup on this price and sells the sofa for $ _______ to make some profit (not all of the markup is profit). After Christmas, candy canes were offered for sale with a 95% discount on the retail price of $3.00 per box. The sale price of the candy cane box is $ ______. A 500% weight gain is okay for the change of 20 lb. pigs into hogs. The new weight of the hogs is _____ lb. But a 250% weight loss is not possible for 100 lb. obese children. The new weight would be _____ lb., an impossible weight for physical objects. Chapter 10: We have a set of households in a typical suburban neighborhood. One variable is the kind of dwelling occupied by the households. There are 64 households in 10 multifamily apartments, 35 single-family homes, and 46 households in 23 duplexes. This variable is a _____________ variable. To visualize the distribution of the variable of this sample, we will put them into _____ order from lowest to highest. We can now make a graph of the groups' _________ or ___________. We will use either a _________ or a
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