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Duque 1 Daniel Duque ENC 1101 Mr. Diaz August 14, 2007 INTERNET ADDICTION: HOW HOOKED ARE WE? Every day when I come home from classes I see my brother still in his pajamas, glued to the computer; sometimes chatting on MSN or AOL and other times checking his email, MYSPACE, or FACEBOOK. I see his obsessing over these things and I worry about him because due to this obsession, he now very seldom attends class. Instead, he gets the notes from the internet or emails his classmates to send them to him and only goes to class for exams and quizzes. This really concerns me and I wonder how much is too much? When will he stop? I believe that many people are beginning to lose control of how much time they spend on the internet. It’s now become an obsession that needs to be taken care of immediately. The internet has become more and more useful over time, but this has led to a loss of control in many people. In the educational environment it has become very important and it is often the source that many students turn to when doing homework or projects. According to the article “Wired Campus,” 5 to 10 % of internet users are addicted to the web because of the excessive usage (A38). This is not entirely the student’s fault, since he or she is expected to do research in such short amounts of time, that it is unlikely they will have the time to go to a library and research the old fashioned way. The internet
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Duque 2 provides them with easier and faster access to the information they need, but in the end this may end up hurting them, and leading them into addictive behavior. As pointed out in Alcoholism and Drug Abuse weekly , “Internet addiction refers to excessive use in which the individual manifested a loss on control, the inability to stop despite the unfavorable consequences and deteriorating effects on relationships,” (4). This situation is not good because now kids, as well as teens, are no longer using books and libraries for research, but instead are relying solely on the internet, and are glued in front of a computer for hours, oblivious to the dire consequences of this action.
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