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Change health protective behaviors are not health

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Unformatted text preview: change (much) over time. change Health protective behaviors are not Health strongly related to each other. strongly Health protective behaviors are not Health controlled by a single set of response tendencies or attitudes. tendencies Factors influencing health behaviors can Factors vary across individuals. vary Factors within individuals that influence health behaviors influence Many health behaviors are less pleasurable than unhealthy alternatives. Adoption of new behaviors may require changing longstanding habits. When healthy there’s little incentive to change a problem behavior. No certainty that you will suffer the negative consequences of problem behavior. Need skills and knowledge to change. Barriers to Health Behavior Change: • For individuals ______________ operate to increase behavioral pathogens. Consider effects of vigorous exercise or LF diets. • Unrealistic optimism– e.g., “Technology will save me.” • Health locus of control. • Social influences. • Access to health delivery systems. The Technology of Health Behavior Change Fear Appeals: If people are fearful of a particular health habit, they...
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