ASOC 2-26 - ASOC 2/26/08 Feagin "The Continuing...

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ASOC 2/26/08 Feagin “The Continuing Significance of Race” - Objectives o Demonstrate that racial discrimination is a continuing major problem among middle-class blacks. - Civil Rights Act 1964 o Made illegal to discriminate based on race, but it has been difficult to overcome - Provides insight into racial discrimination experienced by middle class blacks - Discrimination defined: Actions or practices carried out by members of dominant racial or ethnic groups that have a differential and negative impact on members of subordinate racial and ethnic groups. - Discrimination can take two forms of blatant or subtle but Feagin looks at blatant discrimination in his work. - Feagin focuses on the sites of discrimination, the discriminatory actions, and black responses to discrimination. - Sites of discrimination: why public accommodations (i.e. stores and restaurants) and not workplaces? Blacks are more vulnerable in public streets. -
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ASOC 2-26 - ASOC 2/26/08 Feagin "The Continuing...

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