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ASOC 4/3/08 According to Gallagher, the colorblindness perspective holds that in an environment where institutional racism and discrimination have been replaced by equal opportunity, one’s qualifications, not one’s race or ethnicity, should be the mechanism by which upward mobility is achieved In his work, Gallagher argues that color blindness maintains white privilege by negating racial inequality. Embracing color-blindness provides whites with a degree of psychological comfort by allowing them to imagine that race has no bearing on a groups’ socioeconomic status. What fosters colorblindness amongst whites and is it consequential? - Media depictions of wealthy blacks creates the illusion that blacks have made it and that racism no longer hinders them- this is referred to as the achievement ideology. This narrative of a level playing field allows whites to inhabit a psychological space that is free of racial tension - The colorblind ideology does not negate race but instead commodifies it by
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