In truck and started household waste collection

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Unformatted text preview: sm Buyers ranged from large public authorities to individual households Have many other options for free so extremely sensitive to price Customers tended to be those who could not carry out the service on their own or who preferred to convenience of the outsourcing option Kingo’s largest competitor was 1- 800- GOT- JUNK • • • • Kingo was sole proprietor but his goal was to use franchising to facilitate future growth Both companies committed to conveying a professional appearance and were competitive in terms of pricing Fuel was unpredictable raw material price Entry barriers about to increase because of new environmental regulations Overview of the Company • • • • • • • • • 2008- invested $500 in truck and started household waste collection business operating in London, Ontario area To avoid start- up costs, decided 1- 800- JUNK- VAN would not have office, everyone would work from home and communication would be electronic By 2009, business expanded to operate in...
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