Marvel newspaper when patients redeemed the coupons

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Unformatted text preview: click- through MedNet’s Audience and Visitor Behavior • • • • • • • Search engines and general- interest websites had large audiences that returned to the sites regularly, in a predictable pattern Most visitors to targeted health websites such as MedNet came only when “in crisis”. o When they came they stayed long and explored the site o These visitors returned during next crisis, although some became repeat visitors Health website visitors tended to buy more products from advertisers when they did decide to purchase Windham produced Vesselia- prescription medication that reduced cholesterol and plaque in a patient’s veins with fewer side effects than competitors’ offereings Each patient who began a series of treatments would use the medicine for an average of 12 months Windham provided coupons on its website that customers could print out and redeem at a pharmacy On each coupon was bar code that included information identifying the referring advertisement • • • • Bar codes could also identify where the customer was coming from (MedNet, Marvel, newspaper) When patients redeemed the coupons, pharmacy returned them to W...
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