Mednet visitors are more open to it mednet wont bill

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Unformatted text preview: indham On average, patients took 3 months to redeem coupons for Vesselia after Windham had first placed the advertisements Current campaign would be considered closed at the end of February 2007 MedNet Discusses the Marvel Threat • • • • • • • Bishop says: if they only sell click- throughs at a rate that competes with Marvel, revenues will drop at least 80% Yates proposed increasing the size of their audience Bishop disagrees: the only way to do that would be to extend coverage to alternative healing approaches, but the board would not like that Continues to say that alternative health audience won’t click on pharmaceutical advertisement Bishop suggests that they contract with large employers to become a corporate health site of record Yates- would make them become involved in debate about driving health care costs down, which would hurt main business o Also would give perception that they’d abandoned scientific independence Yates claims that visitors see ads in context of trusted and helpful and family like site, even if they don’t buy right away, they are left with a positive i...
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