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Unformatted text preview: comprehensive o Provided information on alternative therapies as well as scientifically based solutions Employees of large corporations could turn to customized health websites on their own company intranets For- profit health websites o Recently, condition- specific sites such as cholesterol.com emerged Yates confident they were taking advertising dollars Clinicaltrials.com- indirect competitor- marketed only experimental procedures o Audience smaller and material was difficult for layperson to understand Alternativehealth.com- long- time popular player in “health space” o Provided information about scientifically “unproven” therapies and procedures such as herbal remedies, vitamin regimens, and massage o Audience larger and advertising sales more robust o Didn’t compete for advertising dollars Methods used to calculate advertiser payment • • 2002- revenue generation choices o Could sell content to site visitors (online magazine) o If advertising revenues strong enough, it could provide content free of charge Advertising revenue model made possible by sophisticated web analytics: technology that tracked the behavior of each site visitor- pages viewed, links clicked, and so on Made it easy for advertisers to calculate their return on advertising investment (ROI) MedNet launched at time when other consumer health care websites were going out of business- pharmaceutical firms looking for web promotion outlets Chose traditional banne...
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