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Unformatted text preview: for processing high volumes of very small monetary transactions Subscription revenue model o A Web site offering content or services charges a subscription fee for access to some or all of its offerings on an ongoing basis Must be perceived as having high added value, differentiated, and not readily available elsewhere nor easily replicated Free/Freemium Revenue Model o Firms offer basic services or content for free, while charging a premium for advanced or special features Transaction fee revenue model o A company receives a fee for enabling or executing a transaction Affiliate revenue model o Web sites (called “affiliate Web sites”) send visitors to other Web sites in return for a referral fee or percentage of the revenue from any resulting sales o • • • Social Networking and the Wisdom of Crowds • • • • • • One of fastest growing areas of e- commerce revenues are Web 2.0 o Social networking Social shopping- you can swap shopping ideas with friends Online viral marketing- similar to word of mouth marketing except the word can spread across online community a lot faster The wisdom of crowds o Large numbers of people can make better decisions about a wide range of topics or products than a single person or even a small committee of experts Crowdsourcing- asking customers for active help in solving some business problem Prediction markets- established as peer- to- peer betting markets where participants make bets on specific outcomes of anything E- Commerce Marketing • • • • • • Marketing formats o Search engine o Display ads o Video o Classified o Rich media o Lead generation o Sponsorships o E- mail Internet enables long tail marketing- allows marketers to inexpensively find potential customers for products where demand is very low Behavioral targeting- tracking the clickstreams (history of clicking behavior) of individuals on thousands of Web sites for the purpose...
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