ACLC 2-4 - Five Ages of Man-Section of the Archaic lyric...

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ACLC 2/4/08 Hesiod: Invocation of the Muses - Archaic poet - 8-7 th century - Most systematic example/description Archaic Greek mythology - Theogony o Birth of the gods “Theoi (god) gone (birth)” - Invocation o Supplication or prayer - Invocation at the start of the Theogony - Particularly long and detailed intro to Gods - Describes features and function of the muses and thus Art/Poetry in the Archaic world. - Muses can tell lies and make it look like truth, and they can speak pure truth. Humans can’t tell the difference. - Speaks of matters in the future and that which has happened in the past - Muses are the cultural carriers of memory and the entertainment - Mother of the Muses: Memory - Poetry preserves memory and entertains
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Unformatted text preview: Five Ages of Man-Section of the Archaic lyric poem titled Works and Days-Five ages: o Gold o Silver o Bronze o Heroic o Iron-Cronos; Time o Father of Zeus and ruler of world prior to Zeus o First to create humans-Gold o Born a full adult human o Food grew naturally o Death when time was up, no old age o No pain-Silver o Shorter lifespan o Long childhoods (100 years) o Adulthood is short o Neglected to worship the gods-Bronze o War mongers o Killed themselves-Heroic o Superheroes o E.g. Hercules, Achilles o Divine blood in them o Demi-Gods o Die accomplishing heroic exploits-Iron o Long time to adulthood o Work hard for their rewards o Old age strikes o...
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ACLC 2-4 - Five Ages of Man-Section of the Archaic lyric...

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