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ACLC 3-2 - -Aeneas escapes from destruction of Troy with...

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ACLC 3/3/08 Vergil Aeneid Book VI - Vergil o Born 70BCE o Died 19BCE o Popular respected poet o Commissioned by Augustus to write Aeneid. - Aeneid o Epic poem written in Latin o Written in dactylic hexameter Style of Homer Consciously emulates Greek epic cycle poems of Trojan War o Commissioned by Augustus to write a national epic to help unify Rome after almost a century of strife (2 civil wars) o Harkening back to Homer = emphasis on tradition and traditional values o Propaganda for the Julii Descendants of Venus and connection to the ancient past (Aeneas was a Trojan) o Unfinished Died before it was finished The Story Thus Far
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Unformatted text preview: -Aeneas escapes from destruction of Troy with father and his men & families-Flee to around Mediterranean, eluding danger with help of Venus (Aeneas mommy) -Make way to Carthage o Falls in love with Dido, queen of Carthage o Abandons Dido to fulfill destiny as ordered by gods-Funeral ceremony/games for father-Sails to Sybil, an immortal woman and oracle of Apollo in Italy. o She wished for immortality but not eternal youth, so shes haggardly ole wench o Guides Aeneas through underworld in search of advice from his father about how to go about the rest of his journey....
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