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APSY 2/25/08 Hypothesis Testing - We set error levels in order to be confident that we did in fact “reject” a null hypothesis. - Error rates are based on probability - Null Hypothesis: normal coin = trick coin - Research Hypothesis: normal coin ≠ trick coin - Hypothesis testing usually incorporates an “alpha level” of .05 - Hypothesis testing involves testing your hypothesis against what would happen if
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Unformatted text preview: there was no effect, if the null hypothesis is true. o Directional vs. Non-directional hypotheses o Directional focuses on specific direction o Non-directional does not-Use two tailed test regardless of type of hypothesis o For 5% alpha level, this means using cutoffs of -/+ 1.96 o Use 2 tailed because it is more conservative and you can interpret a significant result in either direction. o...
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