Exam1Key 2007 - PGE 331 Exam 1 Key Open book notes Read...

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PGE 331 Exam 1 Key Open book, notes. Read each problem carefully and show all work, including units. One hour time limit. 1. Generic Reservoir Engineering. (10 points) Indicate the three generic steps performed by a reservoir engineer. Which of the three steps are the most time-consuming normally? The three steps are develop a model, fit the model to data (history match), and use fitted model to predict. History matching normally takes the most time. Grading: Three steps 9 Time 1 2. Concentrations. Sometimes the amount of natural gas dissolved into water is significant. In such a resource, natural gas exists in a free gaseous phase and dissolved in an aqueous. There is no oil, only a gaseous phase (containing only natural gas), and an aqueous phase (containing natural gas and water). In the following, R w is the solution gas ratio [=] std.Êvol.ÊÊdissolvedÊgas std.Êvol.Êwater a. (10 points) Derive an expression for the total gas concentration C g [=] std.Êvol.ÊÊÊgas poreÊvolume in terms of R w , fluid saturations, and the relevant formation volume factors. This problem is identical to the gas concentration given in class with water in the place of oil. In fact, you could just used the oil definition with water in place of oil. Starting from definitions C g [ =] στδ.⊇ωολ .⊇γασ⊇ ιν⊇γασεουσ⊇πηασε πορε⊇ωολυμ ε + στδ.⊇ωολ .⊇γασ⊇ ιν⊇αθυεουσ⊇πηασε πορε⊇ωολυμ ε which is C g = Σ γ Β γ + Ρ ϖ Σ ϖ Β ϖ = Σ γ Β
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Exam1Key 2007 - PGE 331 Exam 1 Key Open book notes Read...

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