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Rebekah Potts AP English: Major Works Data Sheet Title: Pride and Prejudice Author: Jane Austen Date of Publication: 1813 Genre: Romance, “comedy of manners” Biographical information about the author Jane Austen was born in Steventon, England in 1775. Mostly taught at home by her father, George Austen, she began to write early in her life and completed First Impressions, later to be re-titled Pride and Prejudice , in 1796. The author of six great literary works, she remained anonymous in order to preserve her private life and avoid the scrutiny of public eye. Her novels are often based around the upper and middle classes, avoiding much of the lower class, which parallels her life. Historical information about period of publication Austen’s novels are a bit of a paradox to the time of their publication. While she often writes about tranquil English countrysides, England was, at that time, fighting for its life against the threat of the Napoleonic invasion. The hyped political chaos, which took place all over Europe, was never mentioned in any of her novels. However, two years before her death, Napoleon was finally defeated by the British in 1815. Characteristics of the genre The novel is a romantic one, yes, because the protagonist does, in the end, end up with her match, the love of her life. However, there are very comical elements to the novel as seen throughout its many pages.
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Rebekah Potts Plot summary The novel starts off, quite famously, with Mrs. Bennet talking to Mr. Bennet about the arrival of Charles Bingley at Netherfield Park. She is determined to marry off one of her eldest daughters, Jane or Elizabeth, to the rich young man. At a ball where Mr. Bingley, his sister, and good friend, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Mr. Bingley takes an immediate liking towards Jane. They dance together, and everyone can tell there is definitely some chemistry going on.
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MWDS-Pride and Prejudice - Rebekah Potts AP English Major...

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