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For 10/1 Ch. (67-75) 1) Realism a) Out of WWII b) 3 Tenors c) BOP Balance of Power i) Balance: equal weight …equilibrium: steady state (1) Cold War Arms Race (2) Cuban Missile Crisis ii) Status quo: states how things are (1) Distribution of power in the world/ benefit / non-status quo states: do not benefit from (2) Might makes right/ do what is in your best interest
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Unformatted text preview: iii) Iraq & Kuwait (1) Iraq invades Kuwait to get oil (2) We get involved due to upset balance of power (3) True coalition/ global effort iv) “Rules” (1) Negotiate before fighting (2) Must be willing (able) to fight (3) Resist any attempt to dominate the system (4) Don’t eliminate a player (5)...
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