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10/1 Notes For 10/3: Chapter 2 (34-end) I) Realism a. WWII b. 3 Tenors c. BOP II) Neo – Realism a. Rational Choice Theory i. Rationality – a process that u go through 1. Have a Goal 2. List paths/ options 3. Cost/ Benefit analysis 4. Choice ii. Process most important … not goal iii. Learned behavior iv. Definition of Cost/Benefits 1. doesn’t matter; varies from person to person v. Achieving goal III) Structuralism a. Kenneth Waltz “Theory of International Politics” b. Structure = the distribution of power within the system c. System = can be the entire globe/ sub-system like Middle East d. Structure agent- states/ NGOs i. The structure affects the agents behavior ii. Structure tells how agents can and cannot mover
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Unformatted text preview: iii. Maffei can’t get out of the room iv. Can control states based on rules and blockades in place v. Manipulate cost and benefits vi. Raising the costs to outweigh the benefits vii. April Cluspe- ambassador to before invasion IV) Polarity a. Pole- center of power b. Uni-polar – one dominant power i. English Empire – sun never sets on the British c. Bi-polar – two dominant powers i. Cold War – U.S. and S.U. 1. most the world aligned with either side d. Multi-polar i. Britain, Prussia, Russia, Ottomans, Austria-Hungry ii. Wassee Conference – German thing where they killed people...
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