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10-31 notes - 3 never a declared war iii Truman Doctrine 1...

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10-31 notes For 11/5: Relax no reading! I) Background II) Origins a. ID b. Power Politics – Realpolitik, realism i. Hegemon- dominant power ii. Naturally a power contest – bi-polar c. Misperception- perception analysis Robert Jervis i. Traditionalists 1. Soviets fault 2. militarization of eastern Europe 3. not allowing free elections in eastern Europe 4. breaking agreements ii. Revisionists 1. U.S. fault 2. Americans helping Mensheviks (white Russians) in civil war against Bolsheviks (red Russians) who won 20 years before 3. US canceling of loans 4. no A-bomb iii. Soviets create a buffer zone with satellite states III) Political Phases: a. CW Confrontation 1947 – 1962 i. George Kennan: Containment Policy Foreign Affairs “X Article” 1. Soviets are naturally expansive 2. we need to stop that expansion ii. Korea – fulfilling a UN resolution 1. creation of DMZ 2. most heavily fortified piece of land in the world
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Unformatted text preview: 3. never a declared war iii. Truman Doctrine 1. Support free people any where that are threatened by armed minorities or outside pressures 2. Korea is an example 3. Supported brutal dictators to oppose communism 4. Guatemala ‘54 a. confiscating American property by force b. Arbenz is head dude c. United Fruit Company – main company d. invaded country & supported the armed minority against the Arbenz regime e. kept dictatorship in place to keep communists out b. Competitive Coexistence (1962-1969) i. Cuban Missile Crisis 1. Graham Allison “Essence of Decision” 2. Bobby Kennedy “13 Days” 3. Options a. Invasion – eliminated – cost to much b. Air strike c. Blockade – less forceful d. Do nothing 4. went this way because we are rational 5. and ppl are rational 6....
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10-31 notes - 3 never a declared war iii Truman Doctrine 1...

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