11-12 notes - 11-12 Notes CW 5) End For: 11-14 Ch. 12...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-12 Notes CW 5) End For: 11-14 Ch. 12 (463-471) a) Gorbachev i) Pressure from US ii) Relationship with Ronald Regan iii) Globalization b) Reform i) Perestroika: restructuring of the economy 1) more free market foreign investment ii) Glasnost: openness 1) political reform 2) allowing multi-party system 3) greater freedom of press 4) grater freedom of criticism of government c) Eastern Europe i) Hungry Revolution in 1956 ii) Imie Nagy ??? iii) Poland : Solidarity -> Church iv) Berlin Wall d) Break up of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic) i) republic indirect representative democracy; federal system ii) Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the stans, Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine iii) Chechnya did not to get to go they were not an official republic iv) Boris Yeltsin martini man v) CIS commonwealth of independent states 1) mutual trade, terrorism, & defense pact Nuclear Weapons I) Nucs in general a. E=mc2 i. Energy = mass x speed of light 2 ii. Light is 186,000 miles per second 2 iii. Einstiens Therory of Relaitvity b. Fusion i. Combining light atoms hydrogen ii. H bomb c. Fission i. Split heavy atoms uranium ii. A bomb d. Knowledge equipment material e. f. Measurement i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. Tons of TNT 2,000 lbs = 1 ton I kilotons = 1,000 tons Yield = 12 kiloton 1 megatons = 1 million tons Major overkill Height of cold war US & USSR combined had enough to kill 160 million ppl Liz u skipped Wed. class --- hw was read 471-477 ...
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11-12 notes - 11-12 Notes CW 5) End For: 11-14 Ch. 12...

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