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11-12 notes - 11-12 Notes CW 5 End For 11-14 Ch 12(463-471...

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11-12 Notes For: 11-14 Ch. 12 (463-471) CW 5) End a) Gorbachev i) Pressure from US ii) Relationship with Ronald Regan iii) Globalization b) Reform i) Perestroika: restructuring of the economy 1) more free market – foreign investment ii) Glasnost: openness 1) political reform 2) allowing multi-party system 3) greater freedom of press 4) grater freedom of criticism of government c) Eastern Europe i) Hungry Revolution in 1956 ii) Imie Nagy ??? iii) Poland : Solidarity -> Church iv) Berlin Wall d) Break up of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic) i) republic – indirect representative democracy; federal system ii) Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the stans, Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine iii) Chechnya did not to get to go – they were not an official republic
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  • Fall '07
  • Soviet Socialist Republic, tons Major overkill, indirect representative democracy, Split heavy atoms, Knowledge equipment material

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