Lecture 8 France and Germany

Lecture 8 France and Germany - Lecture 8 France and Germany...

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Lecture 8 France and Germany I. France: A Hybrid System 1. The Fifth Republic Features: the need to have a strong executive branch to counterbalance the divided parliament – thanks to Charles de Gaul and founded the below 1958 Constitution – demanded president be elected by Electoral College made up of national officers 1962 Constitutional Amendment – called for direct election of president 1) Presidential: pivotal role of the president 2) Plebiscitary: A (referendum) mechanism that allows the executive to renew its mandate with the people directly 3) quasi-parliamentary: part of executive power is vested in the legislative branch 2. Executive : divided (or dual), with president democratically elected and exercises a number of important powers and a PM as the head of the government. Compare with U.S. and U.K. President’s power : (in France) 1) settling differences among conflicting interests; 2) dissolving the legislature and calling for new elections ; 3) declaring a state of emergency; 4) presiding over cabinet meetings; 5) appointing and dismissing the prime minister and members of the cabinet ; 6) calling for a national referendum on virtually any matter of choices; 7) issuing “decree laws” (quasi-legislative decisions); Weakness of divided executive : Cohabitation : president and prime minister can represent two different parties which embrace opposing ideologies and advance different policies (e.g., Jacques Chirac under Mitterrand in 1986; Balladur under Mitterrand in 1993; Lionel Jospin under Chirac in
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Lecture 8 France and Germany - Lecture 8 France and Germany...

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