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Introduction to Elementary Particles

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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon PHY 585 section: 38 Topics in Particle Physics (Particle Physics for High School Teachers) Fall 2001 Dec 13, 2001 - News and Announcements: all lecture notes on the web. Final Exam on the web: return by Dec 20. PHY585 will treat modern elementary particle physics: phenomenology, the Standard Model, detector techniques, and modern experiments. The course is roughly based on the graduate course PHY557 Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics, but has been modified to be suitable to physics High School teachers and students earning a teaching degree in physics: i.e. attention is given to aspects of teaching particle physics in the High School, and to ways of incorporating important aspects (energy-momentum conservation, symmetry considerations) into the curriculum. The fact that the new physics curriculum will include "the Standard Model" is one of the reasons that this course may be useful. The course will cover history, phenomenology, the use of symmetry principles and conservation laws, the Standard Model, experimental tests, and open questions - beyond the Standard Model. We aim to go into these topics in some reasonable depth (much more than the High School students would need to know), so as to provide a solid basis for High School Physics teaching. We will spend time on discussions on how the material could be effectively presented in a High School class, and give examples of classroom demonstrations and exercises that tie the new material to previously discussed topics in classical physics (mechanics). The level of the course requires familiarity with calculus, a general knowledge of classical
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