film#3 - Journey of Transformation Dr. Thoms-Capello 22...

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Journey of Transformation Dr. Thoms-Capello 22 November 2007 Freedom Writers is an emotional and uplifting film. It shows how one person can make a difference. It depicts the struggle of entire high school class to overcome their past, their environment, and the prejudices against them. It portrays how people can change when given the opportunity and resources to do so. It also makes everyone who views it realize how much every single, small contribution or effort they make towards someone else is appreciated and can change the course of someone’s day, if not someone’s life. The film is based off a true story and events described in the journals written by the students who participated. The film is set at Woodrow Wilson High School, located in Long Beach, California. The school has voluntarily integrated, but it isn't working. The Asians, the Blacks, the Latinos, and a very few whites not only don't get along, but also stay with their own and are part of protective and violent gangs. There isn't much teaching or learning going on at the school. It is a warehouse for young teenagers until they can drop out or are kicked out. Then in comes Erin Gruwell, an idealistic teacher (Hilary Swank) to teach Freshmen English. She is very well educated, pretty, middle class, non-ethnic, well-dressed, and smart. From day one, she doesn't fit in the same classroom as these tough kids, and she doesn't fit in with the faculty, who have all but given up and resigned themselves to being the keepers of the student warehouse. Over the course of the movie, Gruwell finds more ways to teach her students about racism and respect. As Gruwell begins to listen to them in a way no adult or teacher
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film#3 - Journey of Transformation Dr. Thoms-Capello 22...

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