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They all are the steering wheel causes an

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Unformatted text preview: seconds they have moves 150 meters •  Which of the following is an accelerator in a car: steering wheel, brake, gas pedal? – They all are! The steering wheel causes an acceleration by changing direction, the brake causes deceleration or negative acceleration, and the gas pedal causes positive acceleration. 3 9/9/13 Speed, Velocity and Acceleration -green car speeds up -blue car has the greatest acceleration Acceleration on Inclined Planes •  Galileo used inclined planes to slow how fast a ball falls in order to study its motion. •  He noticed that balls that started from rest picked up the same amount of velocity for every second they rolled down the hill (constant acceleration). •  The greater the incline, the greater the acceleration. -no other force acting on the ball besides gravity Free Fall •  When Galileo’s incline was vertical, the acceleration of the ball was at maximum. •  This is called free fall – when an object falls only under the influence of gravity. •  The acceleration due to gravity on Earth is 9.8 m/s/s (~10 m/s/s) –  This is represented by the letter g. 4 9/9/13 Velocity and Distance in Free Fall •  When air resistance does not slow down a falling object that started from rest, the velo...
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