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What is real

What is real - This girl would take all of these things...

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What is real? What is real is what each individual perceives as real. And what each person perceives as real is based primarily on their schema. A schema is one’s outlook on life. Each person’s schema is formed by agents of socialization. The most common agents are familial influences, religion, education, media, and society’s elites. Within each person these agents or variables combine to form a unique schema. Over time these agents come at a person and influence him/her with different strengths. Take for example a college freshman in America who moves from the Heartland to the East Coast. This freshman already has a schema defined by the agents where they live. Perhaps this freshman is female; raised conservative Roman Catholic with twelve years of private Catholic education; and watched the History or News channels before she would watch MTV.
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Unformatted text preview: This girl would take all of these things with her when she went to college. But at college, in a less restrictive atmosphere where the general population is more diverse and liberal, does the girls schema stay the same? No, she will either adapt to her environment or fight it. She will either loosen up, take in the new ideas and perceptions she encounters while adjusting or replacing her perceptions to understand this new information. Or she will flat out refuse to accept the new information that does not agree with her already existing schema. In conclusion, each persons perception changes daily with the new information he/she receives and processes; therefore each persons reality shifts daily....
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