Dr. Feynman - Edward Farrell ENGR100 Nov. 11th, 2007 The...

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Edward Farrell ENGR100 Nov. 11 th , 2007 The Rogers Commission and Dr. Richard Feynman: Dr. Richard Feynman was a very smart boy from high school and continued his joy of mathematics and ended up winning the New York University Math Championship his senior year. For college, he attended MIT where he took every physics course possible. He then went to Princeton to get his PhD in 1942. His thesis paper laid the ground for the “path integral” approach and Feynman diagrams. When asked to be part of the Rogers Commission to investigate the shuttle disaster, he reluctantly accepted. He set off to find the true reason for the disaster and started by looking at the source of the problem. It was known that it was most likely the failure of the o-rings that caused the whole problem so he looked into them. He went to the manufacturers of the o-rings, Morton Thiokol. He got some of the same o-rings and tested them to see if they met up to the specifications that the company said they would. He found that the o-rings could not withstand the cold temperatures that they’re supposed
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Dr. Feynman - Edward Farrell ENGR100 Nov. 11th, 2007 The...

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