Thermocouple attachment - epoxy method The two problems...

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Edward Farrell Jeremy Davia Jason Fox Securing a Thermocouple to a Soldering Iron The thermocouple in this project was used for testing the surface temperature of the tip of a standard soldering iron. In order to secure the thermocouple to multiple irons, without human intervention and without ruining the iron, a less destructive method than anything permanent has to be approached. Several methods that have been proven unworthy are welding the thermocouple, attaching it with an epoxy, or taping the thermocouple to the iron. Peening and crimping are also unworthy because they are either destructive (due to holes being drilled) or costly due to the multiple male and female ends that need to be bought. The preferred method that doesn’t directly attach the thermocouple to the iron, but secures the two tips together, involves transforming the soldering iron holder. One of the methods of attachment that has been turned down is the attachment by
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Unformatted text preview: epoxy method. The two problems with that method is that for one, finding an epoxy that can withstand the high temperatures of the iron will be hard. Secondly, it will be a messy process that will forever leave the epoxy on the iron. Another method that is not favored for this project is welding because that is one of the most permanent methods of attachment. A separate thermocouple must be constructed for each soldering iron which is costly and time consuming. The method of choice is a simple attachment of the thermocouple to the base of the soldering iron holder. If placed properly, the tip of the soldering iron should come into contact with the thermocouple when it is full inserted into its holder. This allows for many soldering irons to use the same fixture and also allows for it to be left unattended. It would be simple to mount and inexpensive per soldering iron, as well as safe and effective....
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Thermocouple attachment - epoxy method The two problems...

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