6 marks for example it can be used by the following

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Unformatted text preview: marks) For example, it can be used by the following code segment. Fraction f(4,7); cout << f.half() << endl; The expected output is 2/7. (f itself is not changed). fraction.h #include <iostream> using namespace std; //The Fraction Class class Fraction { public: Fraction(); // Constructor: create 0/1 Fraction(int n, int d); // Constructor: create n/d and reduce it to its simplest form .. private: .. int numer, denom; fraction.cpp }; #include "fraction.h" ... 1/3 Lecture 10 Helena Wong / CS2331 Problem Solving and Programming (10-11 Sem A) (c) State and briefly describe the mistake(s) of the following function header for the extraction operato...
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