Explicit type conversion for fundamental types just

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Unformatted text preview: 3 Lecture 10 Helena Wong / CS2331 Problem Solving and Programming (10-11 Sem A) Lecture Demo Exercises Question 1. Explicit type conversion for fundamental types (just like using a conversion constructor / Lecture09.pdf page 7) Syntax: simple-type-name ( expression ) Useful: We can convert fundamental values to the wanted types like: int totMarks=533; int totCourses=7; cout << "Average is : " << double(totMarks)/totCourses << endl; Your task: The program on the right attempts to read a letter and then show the next char (not the code) in the ASCII table. However, it gives wrong output. Fix it. char c; cout << "Input a letter: "; cin >> c; cout << "The next letter in ASCII is: " <...
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