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Cultural Essay - Indian Beliefs India is one of the oldest...

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Indian Beliefs India is one of the oldest and most advanced civilizations. Modern India is home to about a billion people and is one of the most ethnically diverse places in the world. Indian’s tend to worry less than Westerners and believe what goes around will come around again. The daily lives of people from India are affected by their beliefs in karma and reincarnation as they do their everyday tasks; India’s people are changed forever because of these beliefs. Ones karma is another term for saying one’s fate. Ones karma can be good or bad. Generally if one has a good karma one does very well in life and are lucky. If one has a bad karma one has many bad fortunes and nothing goes ones way. “Karma is the belief that what you do in this life will affect you in subsequent lives” (Grihault 39). Many people blame their bad fortunes on their karma. “I may do what I can to enhance the influence of good karma or migrate the influence of bad karma, but ultimately everything that happens in my life is my karma and must be accepted with equanimity” (Grihault 39). With this in mind people may try to fix their karma that may leads to a strange turn in events. People in India and in the West think if they miss something and it was meant to be it would find its way back to them in one way or another. To believe in “karma” you must believe in “reincarnation.” Reincarnation is the belief that after humans die their souls are reborn into another body. “Traditional Indian belief says that we have been born many times and will be born many times more” (Grihault 40). When we die we are reincarnated according to our karma, what we have done in our previous life. When a murderer dies he will be
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reincarnated and his karma will stay with him so in his next life he will have a bad karma because he sinned in his previous life. Most non-believers said they don’t believe in reincarnation because of what the Bible says; “Man comes into this life one time and dies.” The first document that stated the belief of reincarnation was in India sometime
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Cultural Essay - Indian Beliefs India is one of the oldest...

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