Chapter 6 Notes - Chapter 6 Notes Prejudice: Negative...

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Chapter 6 Notes Prejudice: Negative Attitudes toward Others Prejudice: Negative attitudes toward the members of specific groups, based solely on the fact that they are members of those groups The Challenge of Organizational Demography White men now represent less than half of the current American work force, and most new entrants to the workforce are expected to be women and people of color Organizational demography the nature of the composition of a workforce with respect to various characteristics (e.g., age, gender, ethnic makeup, etc) o People often have a hard time working with others who are different from themselves in key ways and that this often results in turnover o The greater the dissimilarity between group members, the more negative outcomes, such as conflicts, divisiveness, or turnover are likely to occur o Has to do with the tendency for people who are different from others to feel uncomfortable and there to distance themselves from them Beneficial outcomes can result from exposure to people who bring different perspectives to the organizational background Anatomy of Prejudice: Some Basic Distinctions Stereotypes beliefs that individuals possess certain characteristics because of their membership in certain groups o Are generally inaccurate o We frequently rely on the as a kind of mental shortcut Discrimination the behavior consistent with a prejudicial attitude; the act of treating someone negatively because of his or her membership in a specific group o Prejudice is an attitude o Discrimination is a form of behavior following from that attitude Everyone is a Victim of Prejudice! Prejudice based on Age o Prejudice against older people is all too common o Part of the problem resides in stereotypes that older workers are too set in their ways to train, and that they tend to be sick or accident prone Not founded on accurate information
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Chapter 6 Notes - Chapter 6 Notes Prejudice: Negative...

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