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Lesson 3.13 Work File1. What are the life dates of Catullus?2. Where was he born?3. Why was Catullus considered a “new poet?"4. Catullus’s poems, orcarmina(verses), are simply titled based on their number(e.g. Carmen V).How many surviving poems are there today?5. What Age most influenced the poetry of Catullus?6. How was Catullus’ poetry different from that of the early Roman poets?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. What topics of Roman life does Catullus portray in his poetry? 8. What are the two types of meter that Catullus used? 9. He wrote a number of poems about Lesbia. Who was she? 10. One of the common literary techniques used by Catullus was _____________....
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