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POLS 100 Fall 2006 Midterm Examination Study Guide Part I. Multiple Choice (20 questions, 2 pts. each, 40 pts. total). Part II. Identification. Define and explain the significance for American politics of FIVE of the following terms or persons (6 pts. each, 30 pts. total). Core political ideals Duverger’s Law Power Presidential job approval Authority Partisan polarization Federalists Nancy Pelosi Anti-federalists Donald Rumsfeld Articles of Confederation McConnell v. FEC Alexander Hamilton White evangelicals Federalist #51 Dennis Hastert Separation of powers Swing voters Judicial review 30-second spot advertisement Marbury v. Madison Electoral College Federalist Papers Ticket-splitting Individualism Likely voters Third parties Shortcuts Negative advertising
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Unformatted text preview: Federalist #10 Immigration Buckley v. Valeo Independent voters White southerners Party identification Voting Rights Act of 1965 Political ideology Culture war Midterm election New Hampshire primary Activists Generic ballot Single-member, simple plurality Coalition government electoral system (SMSP) Spatial theory of party competition Ross Perot Proportional representation (PR) Republican National Committee Three-fifths compromise Part III. Answer an essay question on ONE of the following topics (30 pts.). Write a concise, well-organized essay. A. The Constitution and federalism B. American society, political culture, and public opinion C. Political parties and elections in the United States...
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