Regular expression a powerful tool to deal with

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Unformatted text preview: arbitrary character: *, ? •  Match specified characters/ranges: •  Are these tools powerful enough? Example: Checking C++ Variable Names •  A C++ variable name –  Can consist of •  Lebers •  Digits •  Underscores –  Should not start with an underscore •  How to check whether a given string is a legit C++ variable name? Regular Expression: A Powerful Tool to Deal with Strings •  RE: A sequence of characters that forms a search pabern, mainly used for string matching •  Metacharacters to improve the flexibility of paberns •  Backreferences to extract substring •  Widely used by different languages •  NOTE: not all the commands support regular expression (hint: check the manual) RE: Metacharacters Character Meaning ^ Beginning of a line/string $ End of a line/string . Any single character...
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